Website troubleshooting

A website is needed to publish an app. To accomplish this, I created this website ( using TYPO3 as content management system. TYPO3 is one of the best CMS you can use, it provides enterprise level support, multisite, multilanguage, tons of free extensions and much more at a cost of a bit more complicated setup and management than other products.

In past I have used TYPO3 for other projects at work, so this time I choose to use the last version available: v10.1.0. Just installed, created the website, populated some pages and it seems very usable, like I remembered.

The web server is a virtual machine based on Debian Buster (v10), and the SSL certificate required to implement HTTPS protocol is provided by Let's Encrypt.

All seemed ok...until when I choose to begin this development blog, when I discovered that TYPO3 v10 is perhaps in too early stage and the number of extensions compatible with it is too small at the moment.

I could have to use Wordpress - the King of blog - but I'm a bit lazy and I prefer use, if possible, the same platform for different things. After all, this is a development blog and my main focus is on develop apps.

Well, I discovered that at today there is no one blog extension available for TYPO3 v10! Maybe in future they will come available, but not now :-(

After some tests, I choose to write these posts using a simple TCE with publish date, when the blog extension will be ok for TYPO3 v10 (I think by end of 2019 or begin 2020), I will port the content of these posts on it, maybe through copy-paste or directly into database using SQL statements.