About SlideFour

As previous mentioned, SlideFour is my first mobile game, developed from scratch and now available on Google Play from September 2019 - give it a try.

The game idea came from 15 slide puzzle, and was revisited extending the size of the board and adding some special things. The goal of the game is to group 4 ore more tiles of the same type by sliding it. When a group is formed, the tiles became blocks and the items contained are collected. A block cannot be moved anymore. This makes it more difficult to reach the maximum number of objects present in a stage: when new blocks will be formed the user may no longer able to slide tiles and must restart the puzzle.

The development started on January 2019, and by April the main loop of game was basically done. Later, the development has been delayed because my work took me most part of time. Eventually, in August I was finish the job and published to Google Play the first version of the game. The finished version was a little success for me.

In the following weeks the development continued, and the published versions are:

1.0.2 - Fixed a issue while accessing system activities on some devices.

1.1.3 - Created the virtual store, where the user can spend the collected coins to buy upgrades that will help him in the game levels.

1.1.4 - New upgrade available in the store: the Solver. If the user can't resolve a match, using this upgrade can win a game level with the maximum result. Overmore, to gain 5 more coins, the user can view a rewarded video ads in the shop panel.

Still going on...