New tile type

SlideFour can manage different kind of tiles:

  1. Red tile (cherries), worth 1 coin each
  2. Green tile (shamrock), worth 2 coins each
  3. Blue tile (flask), worth  3 coins each
  4. Azure tile (lamp), worth 1 coin each
  5. Orange tile (box), worth 1 coin each
  6. Purple tile (peace), worth 4 coins each
  7. Yellow tile (star), required to classify the game level result (0 to 3 stars gained per level)
  8. Blocks: these tiles cannot be moved

Today I have introduced a new type of tile: the movable block. This tile is a block that can be moved, but that is incompatible with no other tiles, nor with other movable blocks itself.

These tiles will be used in new levels, and maybe in a new upgrade too.